Shepherds Kennel for Animal Training & Behavior

is an educational institution that teaches inspired animal training through innovative programs designed for both experienced and aspiring teachers. We advance the field of force-free training through community and peer collaboration, and we help our faculty and alumni become more successful through close business partnerships.


18 February, 2007

Where We Started

Shepherds Kennel was founded by John Franklin Training, and launched nationally in 2007 with training centers throughout North America.

22 April, 2012

Step by Step

Shepherds Kennel was created due to many requests we received from trainers who needed help in setting standards for good training practices and in making trainers more financially successful.

26 August, 2015

Our Development

We believe that our facilities are of the highest quality in the state. The indoor facility is fully matted with non-slip, shock absorbing rubber flooring. Our training center occupies the area of 5,000 square feet and is well-lighted, heated and air-conditioned.


Graduate with Confidence

After completing the Professional Dog Trainer Course, your skill sets and credentials will make you a strong candidate for prospective clients and employers.

Whether you choose to start your own business or join a great organization, you’ll have the skills to provide many of the services that make dog trainers successful, including:


Eva Adamson

Owner / Senior Trainer / Examiner

Mark Johnson

Senior Trainer / Examiner

Natalie Barnes

Trainer / Examiner

Thomas Bishop

Trainer / Examiner



Friends Galore

This is the place for your dog to meet and play with a variety of other dogs. All sizes, shapes, and breeds are for their socialization.



We run the daylights out of them! There is just no other sustained exercise opportunity to match doggie daycare!



We have a professional staff that is knowledgeable in dog behavior continually monitoring the play and activity.


Graduate with Confidence

Our pool water is pH-balanced with mineral additives to promote healthy skin and coat. Swimming improves flexibility and range of motion. Cardiovascular health is as important in our dogs as it is for us. A 15-minute swim is equivalent to a 1-mile run.


" I would just like to say thank you for your prompt and effective service, for your friendly and professional support staff! I will recommend your expert company to all my friends. "

Monica Higgins, Client

" Hi, guys! You’ve solved my problem in no time! Your efficient services and customer care are second to none! I am very happy! I will surely share my experience with my friends! "

Olivia Grosh, Client