Puppy Training

Created for puppies 10 weeks to 5 months old, our Puppy Education course is a great introduction to simple cues and basic manners, using hand signals, verbal cues and loose-leash walking to set a foundation.

Beginner Training

Specifically tailored to dogs 5 months and older with no previous training, our Beginner Education course gives your pet a solid foundation of basic behaviors. You’ll see great results.

Intermediate Training

Education course can help your pet achieve the same results in situations involving more distance, duration and distractions – this course also covers new behaviors, such as, “heel,” “wait” and “go to bed.”


Training and Boarding

We can address separation anxiety, dog aggression, resource guarding, fence jumping, any problem you have at home we can work on here!


We can work with you and your pet in Agility and Tracking/Trailing. Agility lessons are done outside. We start with the basics and can move you all the way up to competition levels.

Private Lessons In Your

Private lessons are one-on-one lessons that are specifically designed to change problem behaviors to good behaviors. Our trainers will work with you to help you stop unwanted behavior.

House Training

The dogs live with us for two weeks, they get house training and social skills. This program takes just the house training and crate training part of the complete board and train program and focuses in on it.